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Population: A mix of races, mostly of Aundairian and Thrane descent.
Character: Orderly but sly.
Businesses: Food markets, magewrights, smallscale agriculture, 1,000 gp limit.
Key Personalities: Jorian Thiel, Surrinek, and Valen Vanatar.

You’d heard that Oldgate was one of the oldest and most significant parts of the city, but passing through it doesn’t give you that impression. Oldgate seems too ordered and polite, too clean and safe. Contrary to its name, this area feels newer than the rest of the city, and the people seem as if they’re in a city of their own, far from the chaos in the neighboring districts.

Compared to the rest of the city, Oldgate is in good order, with rubble cleaned up and many buildings sporting new coats of paint. In the Age of Giants, the district housed the city’s main inland gate, the ruins of which loom over the westernmost part of the district. In recent decades, Oldgate has become the home of expatriate communities from Aundair and Thrane and is considered a model district by the Storm Lords. However, under its respectable face, the district contains intrigues between its militias—the Knights of Thrane and the Ninth Wands—and other power groups in the city.

Overheard in Oldgate

“All I’m saying is the Karrns are living around that temple of Vol day in and day out, and I’ve yet to see them come to any harm. I mean, sure, they’re a scowling bunch, but they haven’t all been devoured by demons or raised as the walking dead either, have they?”

“Five copper will get you most places, and much faster than you can walk through those streets at this time of day. That’s five copper for all of you. What do you say? Hop aboard.”

“It’s too clean here—everything gleaming like it was new. This is a city of ruins, and they’ve completely spoiled the atmosphere by scrubbing the grime off the stones. How are you supposed to appreciate how ancient this place is if moss and lichen isn’t on everything?”


Embers is the center of the Thrane presence in Stormreach. Its residents keep to themselves for the most part, united by their faith and by a desire to make their home a refuge from the wildness in so much of the city. Even the Thrane dissidents here retain much of their national pride and dedicate themselves to the neighborhood’s welfare. If anyone tries to cause trouble in the ward, the Knights of Thrane, led by Valen Vanatar, do not stand for it.


Whitewash is home to Aundairian expatriates, who have a reputation for aloofness and one-upmanship. They certainly do take pride in their ward. Over the centuries, a considerable amount of magic has been woven into it. More everbright lanterns flicker here than anywhere else in the city, and the district takes its name from a centrally located magic fountain that allows people to instantly clean clothes there. A team of magewrights use prestidigitation to keep the district itself clean. The Aundairians are largely peaceful, but if pressed, they will not hesitate to call on Jorian Thiel and the Ninth Wands.


Surrinek Riverboats

Surrinek (female shifter) has a near monopoly on the river taxi business, which extends down the Koronoo River to the harbor. She allows the riverboat captains who work under her to operate almost autonomously, as long as they divide the available customers equitably. The captains’ boats range from gondolas to barges. Surrinek runs the business from a stilted hut over the river. Boats can be tied up at its base and are left there when they need repair.

The Candlelight

The Thrane-dominated Embers ward is short on places to drink, but it has plenty of places to eat. The Candlelight is one of the best, specializing in Thrane desserts. It has private rooms for customers who have a little spare coin and a desire to discuss things away from curious ears.


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