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Links marked as Legacy are rules or information that is no longer in use.

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Ten Things You Need to Know About Eberron
The City of Stormreach
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Player’s Guide to Stormreach
Shackled City Traits (for the occasional side trek set in our previous campaign region of Cauldron)


Affiliations are organizations that your PC can join to gain tangible benefits as well as further influence within the City of Stormreach. The first four affiliations presented below are all interested in one thing: the draconic Prophecy. Towards that end, each is very interested in procuring particular items associated with the Prophecy, most importantly the Caldyn Fragments. These fragments are pieces of a journal put together by one Ohnal Caldyn, a Wayfinder of remarkable talent who had an uncanny knack for interpreting the mysterious signs of the draconic Prophecy. Being a member of one of these affiliations does not necessarily preclude you from adventuring with members of other affiliations, but there will are a small number of special missions only available to those belonging to a specific affiliation.

Blackwheel Company
Cabal of Shadows
Covenant of Light
Crimson Codex

Legacy Affiliations
Stormreach Affiliations

Quests (Legacy)

Help Wanted!: A listing of jobs for adventurers in and around Stormreach

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