House Phiarlan

Leader: Morian Shol d’Phiarlan (male elf).
Other Notables: Beige (male elf), Rouge (female elf), Cyan (female elf), Ochre (male elf).

House Phiarlan has an economic interest in the Chapterhouse in the Marketplace, but it maintains a separate enclave in the Temple district. There, Viceroy Morian Shol d’Phiarlan arranges entertainment for the taverns, inns, and theaters in the city.

Phiarlan heirs can always find lodging at the enclave, provided they are willing to perform for a few hours or share interesting news from the wider world. One frequent guest is Beige, a bard who has devoted his life to recovering lost artistic traditions of the ancient elves from the depths of Xen’drik.

The Serpentine Table

Very little is known about the agents of the Serpentine Table or the goings on inside the agency itself. Suffice it to say that House Phiarlan seems to know a little bit of something about everybody who is anybody. Agents of the Serpentine Table are often known by code names which typically chosen from a broad palette of colors. However, this is a common practice among elves of House Phiarlan in Stormreach in general, which makes the matter of determining who is and who isn’t an agent a fairly complicated matter.

House Phiarlan

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