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  • Khorvaire

    Khorvaire is the primary continent of the [[Eberron | world of Eberron]]. Most of the published material for the ??Eberron Campaign Setting?? concerns Khorvaire and its residents.

  • Xen'drik

    The mysterious continent of Xen'drik is a massive landmass that exists south of the continent of [[Khorvaire]], beyond [[Shargon's Teeth]] and [[Thunder Sea]]. It has recently begun to be explored by agents of the Four Nations in hopes of making profit …

  • Argonesson

    Argonesson is the continent of dragons. It is also the location of Seren, an island of human barbarians who worship the dragons as gods. Few outsiders have ever stepped foot onto the continent of Argonesson itself and the nations of the continent, such as …

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