Storm Lady Paulo Omaren

Storm Lord of Forgelight and Temple


Female human


The Omaren family which runs the Forge in cooperation with House Cannith has a long legacy of piracy dating back hundreds of years. However, it is also tainted by a darker past. It is widely known that Paulo Omaren’s ancestor, Castal, tried to seize control of the city from the other Storm Lords about a hundred years ago in a coup d’etat. He misjudged Yorrick Amanatu’s influence over the Stormreach Guard, and the mistake cost him his life. The lords allowed Castal’s heir to retain his title, but further penalties were assessed, and the new lord was deeply subservient to the rest of the council. As a result, there is a long-running feud between the Omarens and the Amanatus. Lady Paulo Omaren is determined to restore her family’s honor. She bears a special grudge toward Lord Yorrick and the Amanatus. Not only was the dwarf directly responsible for the death of Lord Castal, but the Amanatus’ power is derived from the Stormreach Guard—soldiers outfitted by the Omaren forge. Nonetheless, her thirst for power and vengeance is tempered by a wisdom her predecessors lacked. She knows that it will take more than ambition to unseat the Amanatus.

Of late, rumors have circulated that Lady Paulo has made alliances with the Iron Watch and House Deneith to solidify her military position. However, whether these alliances are strong enough to support Paulo in a contest against the Amanatus remains to be seen. Lady Paulo is always on the lookout for ways to increase her manpower through alliances with other gangs and militias, and might hire adventurers to broker such deals.

Lady Paulo isn’t the oldest member of her family. The Omarens have an unusual tradition dating back to their buccaneer heritage: Leadership is held through force of arms, and any heir of the family can challenge the current lord to a duel to claim the title. Such duels are uncommon, since the best warriors of the house have no interest in administration. However, this tradition means that the Omaren lords have to be skilled in two arenas, and if an Omaren lord wants to rule until an old age, he or she might have to use trickery to deal with young challengers.

Storm Lady Paulo Omaren

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