Merrimack Stargazer

an independent journalist for the Stormreach Chronicle


male gnome


Merrimack is a flamboyant gnome with a passion for storytelling and an interest in the next big scoop. He is very enthusiastic about his job as a journalist for the Stormreach Chronicle and does not like to leave out a single important detail. He does have a habit of omitting bits from his story that he does not find “newsworthy” or “sensational,” but his stories, often featured as “extras” or “special editions” published in the middle of the week, do seem to draw a lot of newspaper sales for the Chronicle. On the page, he is captivating. In person, he appears to lack taste, often dying his hair outrageous colors and wearing brightly-colored clothing that makes him stand out in a crowd.

He first met with the PCs during They Came From Below!, where he was convinced to give up the location of some of his leads.

Merrimack Stargazer

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