Manfred Goldstone

Stormreach merchant and collector of rare artifacts


Male human


Manfred Goldstone comes from old money in Khorvaire, although his exact nation of origin is not yet known. However he speaks with a refined Brelish accent so he may come from one of the more aristocratic cities in Breland.

Manfred was involved in the theft of That Which Was Taken, and the relic was recovered from his private showroom by Bloodbound in service to Dhavordrin of the Dragon’s Heart stable in the The Red Ring. Due to previous inquiries made personally by Salandar, Freyr, Graice, Norum, and Verrin, he may suspect these player characters were somehow involved in the theft of the item and may be harboring a grudge against them.

Manfred again encountered the PCs in They Came From Below!, after being quoted in the Stormreach Chronicle regarding an item from his collection which an alleged kobold had attempted to steal. Manfred claims to have killed the “kobold,” but upon further investigation, Quint, Rovilandra, and Velt discovered it was actually a creature known as a greenspawn sneak. Manfred explained the creature had been trying to steal a dragon tooth that allegedly belonged to a white dragon known as Aussircaex who had recently terrorized the nearby island of Korthos.

Manfred Goldstone

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