Overseer of House Tharashk refinery workers


male half-orc


Durgran’Torrn first met with PCs during the special event, They Came From Below! c. the first week of Lharvion, 999 YK. He spoke with Quint, Rovilandra, and Velt about the thefts from the Tharashk Refinery in Cross, giving them information about what was stolen and when. During the month of Nymm and early Lharvion, a variety of refining tools and unrefined dragonshard fragments were taken from the refinery by what he suspected to be kobolds. He appears to hold very low regard for kobolds and feels they are pests to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. He also seems a rough taskmaster in the refinery who only grudgingly earns the respect of his laborers because House Tharashk employs many of the refugees from Cyre who would otherwise go unemployed. His demeanor is that of a man obsessed with his work, with little care for aught else in the world.


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