Undying soldier in service to Stormreach's Aereni consulate


Undying soldier


An undying soldier in service to the Aereni consulate in Stormreach, Chyn has served as a loyal and stalwart servant to Aerenal for centuries. According to Mendyrian, he was ill-fated with an early death, but his noble sacrifice granted him an honored place with the Undying Court, and they bestowed upon him the gift of the deathless. He appears to be an elf, white of skin and almost dark of eyes, but he is no undead. Nevertheless his fearsome appearance has only served to bolster his reputation as a menacing force within the Harbor district. Few would dare cross him. Fortunately for them, he is rarely found outside Thaendyr’s Rest, where he serves as a guardian. He is almost never seen without his mandrill companion, Faith.


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