Channa Vown d'Cannith

Member of House Cannith


Female human


Channa d’Cannith is the leader of House Cannith’s branch in Stormreach. She is reputed to be an artificer of considerable skill and has a great deal of interest in the goings-on in Forgelight. She can often be found at Hammersmith’s Inn in Forgelight, where she socializes with fellow artificers and workers at the Foundry.

On Dravago 6, 999 YK, she hired Tamerak, Byron, Rinnion, Graice, and Ernst to recover an ancient schema from an old foundry below Forgelight in a sewer complex known as the Depths of Despair. Freyr accompanied the heroes as a secondary character.

Channa Vown d'Cannith

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