Berrigan Enge

A duty collector for the Harbor


Male half-elf


Berrigan Enge is a tax and duty collector working the Harbor on behalf of Storm Lord Jonas Wylkes. He mainly collects duties on goods making their way from the Harbor to market. However he collects other taxes and levies as well. He is backed up by Stormreach Guards loyal to Wylkes as well as Wylkes’ own household guards from time to time. He is known to be a distant relative to the Wylkes family, but he looks to be far more human than elf.

He hired Tiberius, Koji, Jamendithus, and Quint to collect back taxes owed to Wylkes by a miller named Tarrigan on the 1st of Therendor, 999 YK.

Berrigan Enge

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