Adventures in Stormreach

Stormreach Chronicle Special Edition!, Zol, 3rd Lharvion, 999 YK

SC04 They Came From Below!

They Came From Below!
Many valuables have been stolen, homes broken into, and babies eaten all across the city! (Okay that last part may be an exaggeration, but Stormreachers have become hysterical about it.) It all points to the Cross district where scaly tracks lead into sewer access points and cracks in the city’s foundation. And some of the little buggers have been killed after having been caught in the act. Kobolds! “That’s right, I saw him with my own two eyes, reaching for my shinies as they call em,” goes the story of one local, a merchant named Manfred Goldstone. “So I tossed a flask of alchemist’s fire on his head and finished the job with my dirk.”

“The Coin Lords ought to flush the storm sewers with acid if you ask me,” says Cross resident and overseer of the House Tharashk refinery, Durgran’Torrn. “We Crossers are the ones who’ve been hit hardest by those thieving little sewer rats. Time to rid of them for good!”

“Whoever said they could live in this city anyway?” asks merchant sailor, and ironically to this reporter not an actual resident of Stormreach, Klara Copper. “Disgusting, scaly little vermin kobolds are. Always stealing and sneaking about. No good ever came out of that lot. Only good kobold’s a dead kobold.”

The Stormreach Guard claims to have beefed up their efforts to keep watch over the area. “There’s only so much we can do,” says Freyr Knight, a retired adventurer and new recruit for the Guard. “We have to watch the Harbor and protect important places like the Lorsmarch Palace too. People can always hire mercenaries if they don’t feel safe. Do people just expect the Storm Lords to handle all their little problems?”

And hiring mercenaries is just what many have done. After the deadly encounter with the thief in the night, that is exactly what Manfred Goldstone did. His manor is now protected around the clock by House Deneith Blademarks. “We’ve definitely seen an increase in requests for mercenaries over the last month,” says Bereschel d’Deneith, the enclave’s seneschal.

So when will the menace from below end? “Only when they’re dead,” says Durgran’Torrn, “every last one of em.”

Merrimack Stargazer, Senior Reporter for Cross and Harbor


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