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Adventures in Stormreach is a pirate-themed tabletop role-playing game using Pathfinder rules, but in the spirit of D&D. It takes place in the world of Eberron, a world with themes of imperial war, film noir, and international intrigue. Our campaign takes place on the mysterious continent on Xen’drik, a land of untold wonders where pirates of the world have built a city for themselves on top of the ruins of an ancient giant civilization which was destroyed millennia ago. In the City of Stormreach, there are no laws or regulations, save for the ones that serve the corrupt and powerful Storm Lords at the time. The city is a safe haven for criminals and outcasts; in the wake of The Last War, it has also been a place where old scores are settled in the form of proxy wars between expatriates and old veterans from Khorvaire. It is a place where those lucky and skillful enough to call themselves adventurers are spied upon ruthlessly by powers both known and unknown. Friends and enemies can be made without one ever having knowledge of why. And countless criminal organizations and secret societies operate above and below the city streets in an endless power struggle. But for those undeterred by such obstructions, the continent of Xen’drik has vast wonders to behold, unimaginable treasures to seek, and secrets to be revealed.

Our gaming group is the San Antonio Power Gamers. We are a group of tabletop RPG gamers who like to get together, hang out, roll dice, kill monsters, and take their stuff. Theo (aka marionnen on Obsidian Portal) is the primary DM for the group. While we have played other game systems in the past, most notably Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 edition), Pathfinder is our current gaming system of choice. That may change with the advent of D&D 5th Edition, but has yet to be decided, and at any rate will only occur once the present campaign has been brought to a satisfying conclusion. We meet every Monday night near the Loop 1604/Hwy 281 intersection in the San Antonio area. If you are interested in joining our group, send a PM to marionnen on Obsidian Portal.

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Adventures in Stormreach

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