The Storm Lords

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The Storm Lords hold sway over the city of Stormreach. In 800 YK, the Kingdom of Galifar made an agreement with five houses. The agreement was called the Stormreach Compact. In it power over the city was split between five families. The five families are the Amanatus, the Lassites, the Omarens, the Sel Shadras, and the Wylkeses.

Lord Yorrick Amanatu is the Storm Lord of the Respite and Silverwall districts. His primary duty within the city is to oversee the Stormreach Recruiters and direct the Stormreach Guard, a responsibility he has held for well over a hundred years. As the oldest and most venerable Storm Lord, Amanatu holds considerable sway over the politics of the city. He has personally seen the rise and fall of countless other Storm Lords before him, and expects to see a great deal more before his time is ended.

Lord Varen Lassite is easily the most popular Storm Lord in the city. He has no known enemies, particularly among his fellow Storm Lords, which says a great deal. He is the Storm Lord of Cross and the Marketplace, and his purview includes diplomacy and overseeing commerce; the dealings of the Harbor are outside his sphere of influence however. Many see him as a friend of the people, and he is known to buy a drink for those who visit his family business, Molou’s Distillery.

Lady Paulo Omaren is the youngest of the Storm Lords and known for being hot-heated, particularly towards Lord Amanatu due to a well-known, old family feud. She is the Storm Lord of Forgelight and the Temple district, and her family has run the Stormreach Forge for generations. She is known to be particularly respected by and associated with House Cannith.

Lady Kirris Sel Shadra has a reputation for cunning among her peers. As Storm Lord of Oldgate and Southwatch, which are primarily residential districts, some might see her power as mainly administrative. They would be wrong. Over the years Sel Shadra has maneuvered herself into the position of Stormreach’s primary judicial authority, and every magistrate operating in the city today owes Sel Shadra for the position. Although she does not have a reputation for gross miscarriage of justice, to the outside observer, it does appear that the outcomes of most trials and legal hearings within the city put Sel Shadra personally in a better position than before. Whether this is due to sheer corruption or merely brilliant political and diplomatic maneuvering is a matter of debate. On the whole, however, her judicial policy can be judged as largely non-interventionist, as she prefers to allow gangs and militias to police themselves rather than involve the city’s magistrates.

With a reputation for hedonism and cronyism, Harbor Lord Jonas Wylkes is the epitome of what many in Khorvaire perceive as the “typical” Storm Lord. Although he is Storm Lord of the Harbor, easily Stormreach’s most important commercial district, he is rarely ever seen there, leaving most of the day-to-day operations in the hands of his lackeys such as Harbormaster Zin or Jacques the Hook. He is known to carouse with the Golden Lions and other so-called nobles of the city and hardly lifts a finger to do any real work. The Wylkeses are incredibly wealthy, living off tariffs and taxes levied in the Harbor district. But many believe his expenditures vast exceed his income and his wealth is frittering away. Some believe he is courting a scion of House Lyrandar named Qisiri, but their relationship may have more to do with their mutual association with the Golden Lions.

The Storm Lords

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