Population: Mostly humans and dwarves.
Character: Lively, industrious, and thriving.
Businesses: Buying and selling almost anything. 10,400 gp limit.
Key Personalities: Calynden d’Lyrandar, the Storm Lords, and Valexa Von Ruthvek.

Here broken arches and fallen columns are covered with awnings and surrounded by market stalls. The twisting, improvised streets are crammed with people, most of them visitors, making their way through the city and stopped at every turn by hawkers trying to sell them one thing or another.

Three great buildings loom over everything in this quarter: Falconer’s Spire, with airships docked against it; the bazaar, a gigantic tent sheltering the city’s great open-air market; and the Lorsmarch Palace, center of the Storm Lords’ power.

This is the heart of the city. Here all the city’s struggles, opportunities, and dangers are gathered and intensified. You can feel it in the air, and soon something is going to change.

The Marketplace is the natural center of this city sustained by legitimate and illegitimate trade. The Lorsmarch Palace, the seat of the Storm Lords’ collective power, is here, near the shops and stalls that are the foundation of the city’s economy. The district has always been the city’s most defensible, and the older parts of the palace date back to the age of the pirate kings.

Centuries ago, the Marketplace was not the center of the city. Coastal erosion has shifted the center to this point, which appears to have been a temple district in the Age of Giants. Remnants of those days are abundant: carved stone heads, a circle of visions, towering pillars, and ancient tunnels that have been turned into basements for many of the district’s buildings.

For adventurers, the Marketplace is the best place to resupply or to sell whatever goods they have discovered in the continent’s interior. Although goods can be expensive here, the Marketplace is the only place to buy or sell many things.

The Bazaar

Patched and re-dyed again and again, the gigantic red tent that covers Stormreach’s bazaar dominates the Marketplace and can be seen from almost every part of it. Inside is a mess of walkways, smaller tents, and market stalls, all lent a reddish glow when sunlight shines through the tent overhead.

Here the traders would sell their own mothers for a handful of coins and compete enthusiastically with one another for customers. Only the most wily vendors last in the bazaar, so while the merchandise is good quality, buyers can expect to pay more than usual and are sometimes fleeced.

While any mundane item or masterwork item found in the Core Rulebook can always be found anywhere in Stormreach with a little shopping (1d4 minutes for mundane items and 4d10 minutes for masterwork items), the Bazaar is the best place to find magical items of all sorts. It is a particularly good place to find magic weapons, armor, and wondrous items. There are specialty shops such as the House of Wizardry, Feather’s Fall Apothecary and Dagoward’s Apothecary which specialize in things like potions, scrolls, and wands. In addition a number of healing and restorative items can be found at the Temple of the Sovereign Host and the Keep of the Silver Flame. The House Jorasco enclave also sells a number of healing items and services as well. The list of magical items available in the Bazaar is updated once per in-character month.

If your character is looking for a magical item that is not available on the list, he or she might be able to find it in the Bazaar so long as it’s value is less than or equal to the base value of 10,400 gp. There is a 75% chance that any item of this value or lower can be found for sale in the Stormreach Bazaar with little effort (1d4 hours). If an item is not available, a new check to determine if the item has become available can be made in 1 week.

Almost any item can be sold in the Marketplace. However, vendors tend to pay only a small fraction of an item’s base value compared to other markets because the Bazaar is so saturated. Mundane items can be sold for 20% of base price price and masterwork or magical items can be sold for 40% of base price.

Knowledge (local) or Diplomacy DC 20: A vendor can be located or persuaded to purchase a mundane items for 25% of base price and masterwork or magical items for 50% of base price.


25 gp – Potion of Light
25 gp – Arcane Scroll of Cause Fear
25 gp – Arcane Scroll of Shield
150 gp – Divine Scroll of Summon Swarm
150 gp – Arcane Scroll of Pyrotechnics [x2]
325 gp – Arcane Scroll of Hypnotic Pattern, Silent Image, Fox’s Cunning
700 gp – Arcane Scroll of Fear
750 gp – Wand of Hold Portal (50 charges)
1,125 gp – Arcane Scroll of Dismissal
1,890 gp – Wand of Eagle’s Splendor (21 charges)
2,335 gp – +1 Light Crossbow
3,690 gp – Wand of Levitate (41 charges)
4,000 gp – Cloak of Alluring Charisma +2
4,350 gp – Necklace of Fireballs, Type III
6,000 gp – Pipes of Haunting
9,310 gp – +3 Padded Leather
11,000 gp – Rod of Cancellation
11,025 gp – Wand of Water Walk (49 charges)
11,250 gp – Wand of Spike Growth (50 charges)
11,250 gp – Wand of Call Lightning (50 charges)
11,500 gp – Gauntlet of Rust
12,000 gp – Goggles of Night
12,700 gp – Ring of Chameleon Power [x2]
21,000 gp – Wand of Mnemonic Enhancer (50 charges)
40,000 gp – Headband of Mental Prowess +4 (Wisdom and Charisma)
82,500 gp – Tome of Clear Thought +3
98,335 gp – Axiomatic +5 Light Crossbow
98,700 gp – Holy +5 Repeating Heavy Crossbow
120,000 gp – Ring of Three Wishes
170,000 gp – Iron Flask


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