House Rules

Rule Zero: I am the DM. My word is law. Rules lawyers at the table are not cool. Outside the game, I have an open-door policy for email, phone, or in-person discussion.
Purpose & Style: I design cool challenges and you attempt awesome stuff to defeat them. We play by the book (except see Rule Zero). I don’t fudge dice, but I reserve the right to use a screen. The point of the game is to roll dice, explore, kill monsters, and take their stuff. Role-playing is optional, but wicked cool. This is a team game. No back-stabbing, stealing from PCs, or lone wolves, i.e. don’t be a dick. Respect fellow players.
Setting: The city of Stormreach in Eberron. Think Tortuga from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Calendar: The campaign begins on Therendor 3rd, 999 YK (springtime, rainy season) and time will be tracked in-game. See the Eberron World and Planar Calendar Utility.
Absence: When you miss a session, I will use the latest update for your character on the site to play your character. You will receive full experience and gold for the session but may suffer the full consequences. up to and including character death for any dangers encountered. (Player approved)
Cost of Living: You don’t need to track every single copper spent on ale and inns. But living the life of an adventurer is expensive! PCs, including cohorts, must spend a minimum of 10 gp a month on upkeep. 100 gp a month grants a +1 luxury bonus on Charisma-based interaction checks. 1,000 gp a month grants a +2 luxury bonus on such checks. But lavish expenditures might draw unwanted attention in a city of pirates. You have been warned!
Shopping: All mundane and magical items from the Core Rulebook may be available in Stormreach for immediate purchase subject to the following restrictions:

  • 1d4 of any magic or mundane items worth 1,040 gp or less are available on a daily basis. This applies to the entire party, not per character. There is a 75% chance of each additional item being available.
  • Any magic or mundane item worth between 1,040 gp and 10,400 gp has a 75% chance of being available in Stormreach. If an item is not available, it may be ordered from a merchant and will generally arrive in 1d4 days.
  • More valuable items may be ordered from merchants but generally arrive in 2d6 days or more (depending on value).
  • Items from outside the Core Rulebook require DM approval and have a 50% chance of being available regardless of price. Such items are still subject to the 10,400 gp price limit in Stormreach.

Selling Loot: Items found in good condition (i.e. not damaged) can be sold for 50% base price. Treasure items (art, gems, etc.) can be sold for 100% base price. Rare or unique items might be worth more to the right buyer.
Cleric: Clerics receive Selective Channeling as a bonus feat at 1st-level. This bonus feat only functions for the purpose of a cleric’s channel energy ability. A cleric may use this ability a number of times per day equal to his Charisma modifier + 1 per two class levels (minimum 1).
Ranger: Add Acrobatics to the Ranger skill list.
Wizard: Wizards may exchange Scribe Scroll at 1st-level for any Wizard Bonus Feat.
Prestige Classes: In addition to the listed Requirements, a PC will need to do a favor or gain influence with an appropriate organization or individual as selected by the DM.
Downtime: You may use the Downtime System from Ultimate Campaign to perform downtime activities.
Resting: Sleeping in any armor which has an armor check penalty will cause the wearer to be fatigued. The armor check penalty of armor must be 0 in order for it to be comfortable for sleeping.
Valuable Stuff, Companions, Etc.: Magic items are cool stuff and very valuable. Cool stuff can be lost, destroyed or taken away by jealous bad guys. Companions might die. If any of that upsets you, refer to Rule Zero, then learn from the experience.
Non-Core Rules: Aside from the core rules, other cool stuff requires research or training. Research requires one tenth the expected monetary and creation/training time cost.

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House Rules

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