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The following is a list of jobs (or quests) for adventurers available in and around the Stormreach area and beyond into Xen’drik. There are three categories of jobs for easier reading: Repeatable Jobs, Available (one-time) Jobs, and Completed Jobs (for historical purposes). Repeatable Jobs may often be completed as part of another quest, as these types of jobs often involve the collecting of certain types of items, ingredients, or relics.

Reading the Table

Contact: The individual who can provide details on the job.
Location: The location of the contact or where the job is posted.
Description: A brief description of the job.
Affiliation: The organization which will grant Favor and Influence upon completion of the job.
Reward: Although all jobs offer rewards in the form of Favor and Influence, this is usually accompanied by spoils acquired on the job, and often a monetary reward for successfully completing the job.
Public?: If “Yes,” then the job is posted publicly and anyone can apply for the job. Otherwise, this column indicates the requirements for knowing about the job. It might require that a member of the party be follower of a specific religion, be a specific race, or have Influence with a particular organization. Only one party member needs to have knowledge of the job for the party to apply, even if the party member is being played as a secondary character (see Playing Multiple Characters).
Length: A generalized idea of how long the adventure is expected to take. A “Short” job should take one session or less. A “Medium” job should take 1 or 2 sessions. A “Long” job should take 2-4 sessions. An “Expedition” job could take much longer, but usually 3-4 sessions.

Repeatable Jobs

Contact Location Description Affiliation Reward Public? Length
Lt. Commander Danforth Falconer’s Spire (Marketplace) Join the Blackwheel Company* None Membership Yes Short
Shadow Lupae The Leaky Dinghy (Harbor) Join the Cabal of Shadows* None Membership Sel Shadra Influence and non-good Short
Cael Duryn Temple of the Sovereign Host (Forgelight) Join the Covenant of Light* None Membership Any non-evil Short
Fritzroy The Black Wrack (Silverwall) Join the Crimson Codex* None Membership Chamber Influence Short
Lt. Commander Danforth Falconer’s Spire (Marketplace) Collect Caldyn Fragments Twelve Varies Yes Varies
Shadow Lupae The Leaky Dinghy (Harbor) Collect Caldyn Fragments Sel Shadra Varies Cabal of Shadows or Sel Shadra Influence Varies
Cael Duryn Temple of the Sovereign Host (Forgelight) Collect Caldyn Fragments Sovereign Host Varies Yes Varies
Fritzroy The Black Wrack (Silverwall) Collect Caldyn Fragments Chamber Varies Crimson Codex or Chamber Influence Varies
Harbomaster Zin Harbormaster’s House (Harbor) Patrol the Crypt of the Guard Wylkes 250 gp Yes Short
Tania Drake Temple of the Sovereign Host (Forgelight) Collect draconic relics Sovereign Host Varies Religion: Sovereign Host or Influence Medium
Itharn Molou’s Distillery (Marketplace) Collect Khyber dragonshards Sulatar Varies Drow Medium
Rouge Livewood Theater (Temple) Collect literature Phiarlan 250 gp Yes Medium
Nalia Dagoward Dagoward’s Apothecary (Harbor) Collect woodblossom nectar Lassite 250 gp Yes Medium
Havulak Havulak Prospecting (Cross) Collect Xen’drik guides Wayfinder 250 gp Yes Medium
Alhaura d’Jorasco House Jorasco Enclave (Respite) Collect sweet whitecaps Jorasco Healing Potions Yes Medium
Surrinek Surrinek’s Riverboats (Oldgate) Collect financial records Sel Shadra 250 gp Yes Medium

*This quest may be repeated once per character and is mutually exclusive.

Available Jobs

Contact Location Description Affiliation Reward Public? Length
Baudry Cartamon Wayward Lobster (Harbor) Assist the merchant with his business Night Tide 500 gp Yes Short
Harbormaster Zin Harbormaster House (Harbor) Find the source of the blockage in the Waterworks Wylkes 1,250 gp Yes Short
Yorrick Amanatu Lorsmarch Palace (Marketplace) Bounty hunting orcs in the Cerulean Hills Amanatu 250 gp to 1,000 gp Yes Short
Father Garris Keep of the Silver Flame (Temple) Escort a courier Silver Flame Spoils Covenant of Light Medium
Lt. Commander Danforth Falconer’s Spire (Marketplace) Recover a magical sword Twelve Spoils Blackwheel Company Medium
Bereschel d’Deneith Deneith Enclave (Forgelight) Eliminate competition from an independent mercenary company Deneith 2,500 gp Yes Long
Caper Cyran Cups (Cross) Recover a stolen Mournland artifact Dannel’s Wrath 250 gp Yes Long
Channa d’Cannith House Sivis Message Station (Silverwall) Check to see if Channa has left you a message Cannith Unknown Cannith Influence Long
Jorian Thiel Tinsel Theatre (Oldgate) Find and capture whoever defiled the Whitewash well Ninth Wands 2,500 gp Yes Long
Shadow Lupae The Leaky Dinghy (Harbor) Find the Well of Woe Sel Shadra Spoils Cabal of Shadows Expedition
Lt. Commander Danforth Falconer’s Spire (Marketplace) Find the Well of Woe Twelve Spoils Blackwheel Company Expedition
Cael Duryn Temple of the Sovereign Host (Forgelight) Find the Well of Woe Sovereign Host Spoils Covenant of Light Expedition
Fritzroy The Black Wrack (Silverwall) Find the Well of Woe Chamber Spoils Crimson Codex Expedition
Wayfinder Dael Phoenix Tavern (Marketplace) Find the Well of Woe Wayfinder Spoils Yes Expedition
Rouge Livewood Theater (Temple) Anti-espionage for House Phiarlan Phiarlan Spoils Yes Expedition
Iriakan d’Jorasco Open Palm Inn (Respite) Destroy the source of the undead in Delara’s Graveyard Jorasco 2,500 gp Yes Expedition

Completed Jobs

Contact Location Description Affiliation Reward Public? Length
Dalsamira Courdry Wavecrest Tavern (Harbor) Recover a stolen tome Twelve 500 gp Yes Short
Berrigan Enge Harbormaster House (Harbor) Acquire the miller Tarrigan’s goods Wylkes 500 gp Yes Short
Berne Jorn Jorn Family Crypt (Harbor) Clear the Jorn family crypt of spiders Wylkes 250 gp Yes Short
Maeran Mendyrian Thaendyr’s Rest (Harbor) Discover what has riled up the sahuagin Phiarlan 2,000 gp Elf/Half-Elf only Medium
Brother Malden The Leaky Dinghy (Harbor) Eliminate a gambler’ den in the Harbor Silver Flame 500 gp Yes Short
Channa d’Cannith Hammersmith’s Inn (Forgelight) Courier wanted Cannith 1,000 gp Yes Medium
Lzohki The Black Wrack (Silverwall) Locate a journal Chamber Spoils Crimson Codex Medium
Dax Boon Korthos Village (Korthos Island) Unknown Sel Shadra Spoils Cabal of Shadows Medium
Friar Renau Keep of the Silver Flame (Temple) Find the friar’s niece Silver Flame 1,000 gp Religion: Silver Flame or Influence Medium
Ochre Thaendyr’s Rest (Harbor) Retrieve an artifact from a smuggler Phiarlan 1,000 gp Elf/Half-Elf or Phiarlan Influence Medium
Kookie Surrinek Riverboats (Oldgate) Eat the kobold cookies and take the shinies Bilge Rats Spoils Yes Expedition

Help Wanted!

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