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Population: Predominantly human, along with most of the city’s warforged.
Character: No-nonsense and businesslike.
Businesses: Mercenaries and smiths. 4,000 gp limit (in most places).
Key Personalities: Greigur d’Deneith and Maru Sakhesh.

Forgelight isn’t quiet, not at all. The hammering of the smithies, the clash of arms against shields and armor, the roar of the furnaces—these things make the place a tempest of metallic noise.

It isn’t quiet, but the people are hushed. The people here don’t waste words; they go about their business with a grim and admirable efficiency of language and motion that infects the whole district with seriousness.

Forgelight is the city’s most heavily rebuilt and reordered district, where evidence of the ancient city has to be sought out rather than being obvious. Each time the city has been resettled in past centuries, this district has been a starting point; it has clean water, stable ground, and newer structures.

These days, Forgelight is dominated by House Deneith. The house’s numbers are modest, but its employees are numerous. Martial skill is much prized in Stormreach and Xen’drik, so the house’s Defenders and Blademarks guilds do a booming business. Even a simple club-swinger can make a tempting wage working in the city or accompanying expeditions into the jungle.

Forgelight’s mercenaries fill in for the Stormreach Guard and protect shipments and explorers. Its forges and shops buy, sell, and repair the equipment used by these mercenaries, as well as by adventurers.


Anvilfire Inn

The Anvilfire Inn is the chosen watering hole of Forgelight’s laborers. Here they seek some peace and quiet away from “flashy” adventurers and the demands of House Deneith. The laborers work hard, and the innkeeper, Brom Grimbound, will not put up with anyone pestering them in their one refuge.

House Deneith Enclave (2)

The House Deneith enclave is a hilltop keep across the river from the city proper. Forgelight’s north side is unprotected by walls, so House Deneith built its keep there, providing protection where there was none.

Only respected clients and dragonmarked heirs are granted entry to the central keep, which can seem empty. Here visitors from the Five Nations can stay, supervise the Blademarks, and negotiate deals away from the rabble on Stormreach’s streets. The enclave is headed by the formidable Content Not Found: greiger-d-deneith, and visitors are met by Bereschel d’Deneith. Her blood calls her to battle and adventure, but her duties to the house keep her acting as a glorified greeter at the enclave. She spends her time talking to mercenary captains, negotiating deals, and acting as a public face for the house. Her irritation with this occasionally slips out as an impolite outburst.

Dragon Tooth Arms

Adventurers and mercenaries need weapons, and this store, the preeminent weapon shop in Forgelight, provides them. Dragon Tooth Arms spends a great deal of coin to ensure that it has a near monopoly on the more powerful magic weapons bought and sold in the city. Weapons with an enhancement bonus of +1 can be purchased here for 10% over the usual price. Any masterwork or magical weapon can be sold for 50% of its market price, to a maximum of 10,000 gp.

Knowledge (local) or Diplomacy DC 18: With the right connections, adventurers can purchase weapons with an enhancement bonus of +2 or +3. The price is still increased by 10%.

Fare Trades

A general store and pawnshop near Hammersmith’s Inn, its proprietor is willing to trade for almost anything.

The Foundry (1)

Often when people refer to the Foundry, they mean the foundry itself and the many forges that cluster on the streets around it, including the Stormreach Forge. More metal is cast in the Foundry than anywhere else in the city, and the neighborhood’s metalworkers, weaponsmiths, and armorsmiths produce excellent work. The bulk of the goods go to the Stormreach Guard and House Deneith, but the Stormreach Forge also sells weapons to other buyers.

The Foundry is close to a small dock on the river, owned by the Omaren family and heavily used by House Deneith. It allows small ships to dock and load and unload goods. The Foundry requires ore to feed its hunger, and this comes from House Tharashk’s mining operations outside the city. A few dockworkers land highly desired jobs unloading ore and ingots. This work is handed out by lottery every time a ship comes in.

Hammersmith’s Inn

Hammersmith’s Inn is favored by the district’s mercenaries, ex-soldiers, and adventurers. Despite being rough and ready, the inn is hospitable and, like the rest of the district, has a sober atmosphere. Veterans of the Last War come here to drink away their sorrows and commiserate with friends, and enemies, made during that conflict. (Cost of Living: Standard)

Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail’s claim to fame is its provision for the tastes of warforged, providing blended oils and alchemical fluids that can be felt as pleasurable sensations by them (some warforged are concerned about the long-term effects of consuming these dubious concoctions). The Nail therefore serves a steady stream of warforged and their friends, often adventurers who have spare coin.

Stormreach Forge

Standing in the Foundry’s shadow, this is the main outlet for the goods produced in Forgelight. Regular and masterwork arms and armor are always available, though exotic weapons are sometimes hard to get (75% chance). The Stormreach Forge purchases goods at 50% of list value, to a maximum of 10,000 gp.

Knowledge (local) or Diplomacy DC 18: By talking to the right people, adventurers can purchase weapons or armor with a +1 enhancement bonus. Resale value is raised to 50%.

Favored in House DC 20: Members of House Cannith work with the Stormreach Forge, so an heir of the house who succeeds on a DC 20 favor check can make arrangements to purchase weapons or armor with a +2 or +3 enhancement bonus. It takes a week to fill such an order.

Temple of the Sovereign Host (3)

The city’s oldest temple of the Sovereign Host was founded in Forgelight, before the Temple district was established. Mercenaries often visit the temple to make offerings to Dol Dorn or Dol Arrah. The temple’s high priest is Maru Sakhesh. Many visitors are surprised when they see that the temple is dedicated to an unusual variation of the Host.


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