Draconic Prophecy

The dragons of Argonnessen study the world around them for signs and portents. They study the sky above, the pits and caverns below, and the land between, watching for anything that might suggest an omen. The dragons, long-lived and patient in all things, seek meaning in the patterns they see all around them. These patterns play out in the Prophecy, a record of things to come that has been emerging since the creation of the world. Many dragons spend a great deal of effort charting the movement of the moons and stars, studying the patterns of the Dragon Above, interpreting omens, and watching for signs and portents.

The draconic Prophecy is as complex and unfathomable as the dragons themselves. A few among the lesser races, such and Ohnal Caldyn, learn and study snippets of the huge and constantly accumulating text, but only the dragons have the time and perspective to see the Prophecy for what it truly is. There are few traditional texts containing parts of the Prophecy. Instead, the dragons believe that the world itself is a living text that carries and reveals passages of the Prophecy to those who can see it.

Passages appear throughout the world, above, below, and between. Signs are revealed in the changing shape of the Ring of Siberys. Dragonmarks appear on the sides of mountains or the walls of caves, though some of these can only be read when the moons and stars are in certain alignments, or through the application and proximity of certain dragonshards. Recently, at least as far as dragons are concerned, a new canvas for dragonmarks appeared in the world: the lesser races (as reckoned by the dragons), particularly humans and their closest kin, began to manifest dragonmarks about three thousand years ago. The appearance of dragonmarks on the lesser races has led to much debate among the dragons. For whatever reason, the Prophecy apparently has decided to reveal a portion of itself through the humans and their kin. As always, the dragons continue to watch and study, contemplate and discuss, as they seek meaning and understanding in the signs and portents all around them.

What is the nature of the Prophecy that occupies so much of the dragons’ time? There is, of course, plenty of room for conjecture and interpretation. Even among the dragons, different factions interpret the signs in different ways. The Prophecy hints at events of doom and dread as often as it helps push the world toward exalted events. It is generally believed that the Prophecy points toward transformation, not destruction. Beyond that, the Prophecy remains as alien as the dragons themselves.

Several factions in Eberron believe that the draconic Prophecy foretells of possible future events and that by gaining insight into its signs and portents they might manipulate it to their advantage. Four of these organizations, the Blackwheel Company, the Cabal of Shadows, the Covenant of Light, and the Crimson Codex have descended upon the city of Stormreach in search of missing Caldyn Fragments, which are said to house a wealth of knowledge about the Prophecy.

The preceding information is adapted from the Eberron Campaign Setting under fair use.

Draconic Prophecy

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