Covenant of Light

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“Lead by your example; inspire by your presence.”
—Lady Lirashana, Founder of the Covenant

A compassionate and charismatic woman named Lirashana founded the Covenant of Light. Although she appears to be a kalashtar, the rumor persists that she is actually a divine spirit—a justice archon unable to ignore the pain and suffering she saw on Eberron. To the Covenant, the search to unlock the mysteries of the Caldyn Fragments is nothing less than a crusade for the powers of good.

It is said that when Lady Lirashana first endeavored to establish the Covenant, she was visited by overpowering celestial music, a force that she would later call the Song. The Song compelled her to create the Covenant in Xen’drik, and to include in its noble mission the pursuit of the draconic Prophecy. Followers of the Covenant also hear and follow the Song and believe that an era of enlightenment and peace can be brought forth by the collective power of virtue in action. Members are expected to behave in a virtuous manner in all aspects of their lives.

Mystics of many different religions have been drawn to the Covenant, and all have their own explanation for the Song. Worshipers of the Sovereign Host claim that it is the voice of Dol Arrah, calling the virtuous to battle. Followers of the Silver Flame attribute it to the Voice of the Flame. The kalashtar say that it is a manifestation of the noble impulses that exist within all mortal minds—the harbinger of il-Yannah, the glorious light of the next age. Regardless of its source, all Covenant members initially experience the Song directly as music in their minds—a bright and irresistible summons that draws them individually to serve in Xen’drik.

Covenant of Light

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