Adventures in Stormreach

Shaman Har-Har and the Stolen Eberron Dragonshard
The Church of the Sovereign Host hired the heroes to recover a stolen Eberron dragonshard from a kobold shaman

Contact: Tania Drake
Mission: Recover a stolen Eberron dragonshard from the kobold shaman Har-Har (success)
Calendar Start Date: Dravago 3, 999
Calendar End Date: Dravago 4, 999
Primary Characters: Linberk, Koji Reikotsu, Shalynn, Graice
Secondary Characters: Byron Boldblade

Experience Earned

Linberk Koji Shalynn Graice Byron
590 590 590 590 118

Graice advanced to 2nd-level (cleric).

Sovereign Host Favor/Influence Earned

Linberk Koji Shalynn Graice Byron
1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1 0/0

Tania Drake of the Church of the Wyrm Ascendant (Sovereign Host) claimed a kobold shaman named Har-Har had stolen an Eberron dragonshard and offered a reward for its return. The heroes tracked shaman Har-Har to his lair in the Waterworks, slew him and his rust monster pet, Crumble, and returned the dragonshard to the church.

Mike introduced his new character Shalynn, a drow paladin of the Silver Flame and cohort to Byron, for the first time in this adventure.

Stormreach Chronicle, Sar, Eyre 28, 999 YK

Blockade Brokenl!
By Courla Doweron
Greetings Stormreachers! Remember those sahuagin prowling the streets late at night? Remember the bronzewood and densewood shortage because the Sahuagin weren’t letting Aereni ships dock? Well this reporter has learned from one Maeran Mendyrian, the Aereni consul, that the blockade is over! That’s right, the specialty lumber of Aerenal and Aereni spices are once again flowing in the Marketplace, and it’s all thanks to a band of adventurers. According to Mr. Mendyrian, two of them were of elven descent, one was a grizzly dwarven warrior, another was a devout follower of the Sovereign Host, and the last was a local ranger who seems to have since gone into retirement. Well, I know I speak for all of us Stormreachers when I say thank you for keeping the Stormreach Harbor safe and keeping this city a state of free enterprise. Keep up the good work!

Well of Woe Talk of the Town
By Capshaw the Crier
There ain’t much that goes on in Stormreach old Capshaw don’t know about, but even this one is hardly news for anyone. Nevertheless it got old Capshaw thinkin. If everyone is talkin about it, where are these tales coming from? Seems things all began a few weeks ago when the honorable Commander Danforth of the mercenary outfit callin themselves the Blackwheel Company started puttin out notices that they were lookin for a few brave adventurers to journey into the depths of Xen’drik on some perilous mission. Details began to trickle in about the nature of the mission. Seems there be a hidden place somewhere in the jungles called the Well of Woe, and that is has a part to play in the Draconic Prophecy. Old Capshaw don’t put much stake in such rumors, but as time went on more individuals became interested. The Wayfinders started puttin out notices about the exact same thing. And then the Church of the Sovereign Host followed suit. By now old Capshaw is reckonin no fewer than five different organizations are lookin to send folks out to find this magical well. Perhaps ye can drop a copper in and make a wish? Well if ye be an adventurer its a mighty interestin prospect, especially considerin that Xen’drik has many hidden treasures to be found along the way. Just be sure ye bring friends. Tis a dangerous place to be huntin around for sure!

The Stormreach Chronicle, Sar, Therendor 21, 999 YK

Silver Flame Inquisitors Arrive
By Alrson Moreson
The ships came into the Harbor just this week under sails bearing the standard of Thrane’s silver sword behind the symbol of the Silver Flame. Three great galleons they were, the Winged Serpent, the Light of Irian, and their flagship, Krozen’s Bow. They strode into the bay like three proud white whales bearing their standards. The ships heralded the arrival of the Inquisitors of the Silver Flame.
While many might feel apprehensive about the presence of so many uppity, do-gooder, Silver Flame types gracing our shores, they brought with them more than just the promise of snooping priests. The ships from Thrane also brought many fine tapestries and ripening fruit in their holds, not to mention ingots of flametouched iron. So get ready to go shopping, Stormreachers. There is bound to be a great many wondrous goods available in the Marketplace as a result of their arrival.
And what of the Inquisitors? Well, word has it they have arrived with the blessing of the Storm Lords themselves. Lord Yorrick Amanatu has apparently made a pact with the Church of the Silver Flame to provide extra protection within the city. And apparently the inquisitors are of impeccable moral fiber. So you need not hide your purses when they come by. These aren’t your typical Stormreach guard thugs.

Sahuagin Scandal!
By Courla Doweron
Anyone else been creeped out by the sahuagin stalking the docks late at night? I know I have! Well it has come to this reporter’s attention that their disgruntlement over what they call “that which was taken” is actually some precious relic from Shargon’s Talon called the Golden Trident of the Sea. Seems it is some kind of unusual coral formed in the shape of a trident. Is this a magical item imbued with the dark powers of the Devourer? Or is it merely a trinket worshipped by the Devourer’s followers because of some coincidence of nature? This reporter wonders.
The sahuagin blame the elves of Aerenal and aren’t allowing any Aereni ships to dock in the harbor. But the elves claim to have no involvement in the theft. Curious no? It wouldn’t be the first time House Phiarlan stuck their hands some place they didn’t belong. But what possible purpose could the elves have for getting on the wrong side of the sea devils? Perhaps there is more to this story than meets the eye.
On last report, the Aereni consulate had employed a special division of investigators to locate the trident and fix the situation. So where is the trident? Was it some kind of protest against the Devourer’s followers? Perhaps some scam to get the elves fighting with the sahuagin? Or maybe some rich collector just wanted another feather in his cap.

The Silver Flame Inquisitor class became playable as of this date.

Stormreach Chronicle, Sar, Therendor 14, 999 YK

Sahuagin in the Streets!
Oy, merry readers! Capshaw the Crier here to bring you the latest news on what’s happenin’ here in our marvelous city. It’s no small secret that the fish people who call ‘emselves the sahuagin can occasionally be seen in the streets of Stormreach, often ’bout in the Harbor district. But these sea devils usually keep ’emselves to the Shargon’s Talon, the shrine to the Devourer out in the bay. Of late, however, they been seen skulking about in the Harbor, ‘specially at night, and it’s got folks all jittery. Those who know Sahuagin speak swear the sea devils be prattlin’ on ‘bout “the return of that which was taken,” but the Host only knows what they be talkin’ of. One thing fer sure, there been few ships comin’ an’ goin’ from Aerenal, and Capshaw keeps his ears to the ground. I’ve heard that those of elven blood might know a thing or two ‘bout these happenings. If I were an elf curious enough to know, I’d be inquiring at the Aereni consulate, Thaendyr’s Rest, right here in the Harbor.

Kobold Bounty
The Stormreach Guard has proclaimed a city-wide bounty on kobold hides in light of recent troubles in the Waterworks. The bounty be 2 copper hailstones for each kobold hide turned into the Guard. Hides can be turned in at the Lorsmarch Plaza or the Harbormaster’s House. I’d hate to be a kobold right about now. Watch yet backs me little mateys.

Orc Warchief Slain
Capshaw hears word on the streets that the ruthless orc chieftain, Garunt the Bloody, has been cut down in battle by a band o’ adventurers who were brave enough to traverse the Cerulean Hills and lucky enough not to be eaten by wolves. O’ course, t’weren’t without its casualties, as I hear one o’ the party was slain in battle himself. Lucky party to face the deadly Grul tribe and come away with only one dead man.

Merchant Seeks Aid
This ain’t the type o’ beggin’ Capshaw is used to seein’, but the merchant Baudry Cartamon seems to have come on hard times and is offerin’ good coin to those willin’ to lend him their blades. No doubt the shady trader has reneged on some bet or come face to face with some ruthless kingpin. Five hundred gold thunders he’s offerin’ to those who assist him. Dangerous work to be sure, and likely to anger some other merchant, but Capshaw can at least say this, Cartamon may be a shifty fella, but he’s always done right by sellswords. No doubt he fears their blades turnin’ back upon him.


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