The Golden Trident of the Sea

A relic made of golden coral sacred to the cult of the Devourer


The Golden Trident of the Sea functions as a standard trident when wielded as a weapon, however it is made of coral and is therefore brittle. It has a hardness of 2 and 2 hit points and is thus easily sundered.


The Golden Trident of the Sea is a relic sacred to the cult of the Devourer. It resides within the shrine to the Devourer at Shargon’s Talon in the Harbor where it is guarded night and day by humanoid and sahuagin Disciples of the Devourer.

The trident was discovered by sahuagin near Shargon’s Teeth in a patch of golden coral, a rare type of coral which glistens like gold. When discovered by the sahuagin it was shaped in the form of a trident, a sacred symbol to Disciples of the Devourer. They decided to hand it over to one of their cults for safe-keeping as a relic to their dark god. Eventually it found its way to Shargon’s Talon, where it has remained for a number of years.

In early 999 YK, it was stolen from Shargon’s Talon by an unknown assailant disguised as the Aereni undying soldier, Chyn. This created a feud between the Aereni and the sahuagin, the latter of which refused to allow Aereni ships from docking in Stormreach until “That Which Was Taken” was returned to them. From there it made its way to the black market and eventually into the hands of a relic collector in Stormreach by the name of Manfred Goldstone. A group of adventurers, Saladar, Freyr, Graice, Norum, and Verrin, agreed to assist Maeran Mendyrian in making peace with the sahuagin by recovering the trident from Goldstone. It was successfully returned and again remains on display in the shrine at Shargon’s Talon.

The Golden Trident of the Sea

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