Storm Lord Yorrick Amanatu

Storm Lord of Respite and Silverwall


Male venerable dwarf


Yorrick Amanatu is the oldest of the Storm Lords, and one of the original founders of the city of Stormreach. His chief area of concern is the Stormreach Recruiters, who recruit new members of the Stormreach Guard. As such, the Stormreach Guard is fiercely loyal to the old dwarf (as loyal as a guard composed of thieves, murderers, and displaced refugees can be). Though many of the other Storm Lords rely on the Stormreach Guard to enforce the law in their districts, many have their own retainers or work closely with local gangs to keep the peace rather than rely on what they refer to as “Amanatu’s lackeys.” He is not generally well-liked by the other Storm Lords, but his age and position of authority over the Stormreach Guard ensure him a powerful place on the Storm Lord council.

Storm Lord Yorrick Amanatu

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