Storm Lady Kirris Sel Shadra

Storm Lord of Oldgate and Southwatch


Female gnome


Kirris Sel Shadra is a cunning and influential member of the Storm Lords. Her primary duties are overseeing crime and punishment in the city, which includes appointing and directing the city’s magistrates who serve as judges within Stormreach. As such, she wields the power of justice, such as it is, in the City of Pirates. She is very unpopular with independent criminals in the city, but seems to have come to an “understanding” with many of the city’s gangs. So long as vice does not run rampant in any part of the city, she allows gangs and militias to largely police themselves. It is also no secret that she is friends with the elves of House Thuranni, though how deep this friendship goes is anyone’s guess. Many a time have assassins gone free in the courts of her magistrates due to “lack of evidence” and other mitigating factors, leading many to accuse her of corruption at the highest level. However, in a city where independence is valued above all else and the right to defend one’s own property is considered a virtual mandate, few look upon this as a terrible thing. Aside from that, the law code of Stormreach is incredibly simple. Magistrates are granted full authority to mete out whatever punishments they see fit, from small fines to exile and execution, regardless of the circumstances. Kirris generally gets along well with the other Storm Lords and has few enemies of any substantial influence.

Storm Lady Kirris Sel Shadra

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