Storm Lord Jonas Wylkes

Storm Lord of the Harbor


Male half-elf


Storm Lord Jonas Wylkes is a flighty man who spends more time at Shadows or the Red Ring than he does familial duties. Easily distracted by decadent pleasures, he rarely lifts a fingers to do work of any kind, entrusting most of his duties as Storm Lord to delegates such as Harbormaster Zin or his effete companion Jacques the Hook. Nevertheless, his lieutenants act with grim efficiency and keep a stranglehold on the goings-on in the Harbor. And despite the Harbor not being officially the turf of the Golden Lions gang, they are often seen there, either carousing with Wylkes, or helping to enforce his edicts, something which many of the local gangs resent.

An effeminate and decadent man, Jonas Wylkes keeps a stable of young half-elven men as stewards of his household, and more than a few whisper that his servants do more than guard and care for his home. But if Wylkes has any private relations with any of these men, it is kept so. No one has ever seen him show public displays of affection for them, his confidante, Jacques, or any other men for that matter. It is rumored that he is courting a young scion of House Lyrandar named Qisiri, but although the two are often seen in public together, most often attending bloodsport at the Red Ring, Qisiri is also a member of the Golden Lions, and their association may merely be a business relationship.

Storm Lord Jonas Wylkes

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