Ohnal Caldyn

A mysterious halfling scholar and historian with a gift for interpretting the draconic Prophecy


male human?


The living legend who is Ohnal Caldyn is already so full of myth and speculation that it is difficult to know the truth. One thing is certain however: Ohnal Caldyn was gifted with an ability to interpret the draconic Prophecy in ways that few of the mortal races have ever been given. Throughout his travels around the world, he gathered his observations in a fragmented journal known now as the Caldyn Fragments. Though he has now gone into hiding for reasons unknown, many who would seek to manipulate the draconic Prophecy seek out the Caldyn Fragments. Others claim Caldyn was a fiction himself, an idea created by those with fervent belief in the Prophecy, and that he has not disappeared because he was never a real person to begin with.

“Some call the ability to see the connections and collisions between all things genius. Others call it madness. I lean toward the former.”
—Ohnal Caldyn, compiler of the Caldyn Fragments

Ohnal Caldyn

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