Klara Copper

a merchant sailor who frequents Stormreach in her travels


female human


Klara Copper is an outspoken critic of the kobold presence in the city of Stormreach, despite not being an actual resident of the city. In They Came From Below!, she was mentioned in Merrimack’s article, but never met with Quint, Rovilandra, and Velt because she was away at sea at the time.

She generally stays in the Harbor when making a trip to Stormreach, and can most commonly be found in the Leaky Dinghy once every ten days or so. Her typical route is ferrying Khyber dragonshards to Sharn from Stormreach about her ship, the Sea Queen. She serves as a lookout when aboard the ship and negotiator with the drow when in Stormreach. She is also Second Mate of her ship.

She appears to be quite taken with copper jewelry, wearing a variety of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, all made of copper.

Klara Copper

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