The Sahuagin high priest of Shargon's Talon


Male sahuagin


Khalaash is the sahuagin high priest of the temple to the Devourer in Stormreach located on Shargon’s Talon. He has a cold and dark-hearted demeanor, but he gives respect to those who honor the Devourer by swimming from the Harbor out to Shargon’s Talon on their own effort. Only those bearing the Signet of the Devourerer may seek audience with him. Others must speak with Seryssa if they wish to treat with the cult of the Devourer. Khalaash is hot-tempered and does not tolerate fools or games. Yet he appears just in his running of the cult, even if his punishments can be cruel. He is naturally distrusting of land-dwellers, but shows them proper regard so long as they pay sincere homage to his patron of the seas.


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