Anton Dryden

Abbot of the Keep of the Silver Flame


Male human


Formerly the Bishop of Stormreach, Dryden is a middle-aged man now serving as the Abbot of the Keep of the Silver Flame. He wields more influence than perhaps any other individual within the church in Stormreach as a result, as the Keep houses the church’s only temple.

He is a worn man, shaped by years of hard work toiling as overseer of the Catacombs of Stormreach. It was during this time that his daughter, Margueritte, who had been interred in the sanitarium housed within the Catacombs, went missing. It was later discovered by some adventurers that Margueritte had embraced an ancient heresy known as the Duality, and had freed or killed many of the sanitarium’s inmates, who later arose as undead.

Dryden was estranged from his brother, a friar named Renau for a time over the disappearance of Margueritte, but the two have since reconciled, and Renau serves as the current Bishop of Stormreach and overseer of the Catacombs.

Anton Dryden

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