Adventures in Stormreach

Kookie's Marvelous Adventure, Part 1

In which a confection-baking kobold led the heroes to a magical grotto which housed giant ruins.

Contact: Kookie
Mission: Help Kookie the kobold reclaim many wondrous shinies from the giant ruins of Azak-Ar.
Calendar Start Date: Nymm 4, 999
Calendar End Date: Nymm 14, 999
Primary Characters: Byron Boldblade, Dervel, Jamendithus, Koji Reikotsu, Tamerak
Secondary Characters: Dempsey, Salandar

Experience Earned

Byron Dempsey Dervel Jamendithus Koji Salandar Tamerak
earned 2,761 1,182 2,050 1,875 2,761 1,014 2,761
new total 7,330 4,342 2,050 6,555 5,933 9,155 9,164

Bilge Rats Favor Earned

Byron Dempsey Dervel Jamendithus Koji Salandar Tamerak
earned 3/3 0/0 2/2 1/1 3/3 0/0 3/3
new total 3/3 0/0 2/2 1/1 3/3 0/0 3/3

After hearing of their great deeds, Kookie the kobold approached the party with a proposition. She had baked magical confections which granted her a “special sight,” which did not appear to be magical in any way, but instead induced a sort of hallucinogenic state. Using this “special sight,” Kookie had followed tiny fey creatures each colored red, blue, or green, to a strange grotto which lay near the Koronoo River west of Stormreach. Inside the grotto, Kookie had found an ancient giant ruin known as Azak-Ar where the fey creatures took precious metals, magical items gilded with precious metals, gems, and other treasures to be stacked inside. Kookie was willing to share this “special sight” with the party and lead them to the ruin in exchange for a share of the “shinies.” The only complication Kookie mentioned was that a squatter tribe of kobolds known as the Bright Scale clan had taken hold of the upper part of the grotto. Kookie had snuck past them before, but expected they would not mess with a large group of heavily armed adventurers.

Kookie found a riverboat called the Jaguar’s Growl able to take them up the river to the grotto for a small fee. The Jaguar’s Growl was captained by an old salt of a goblin named Obeliks. He and his mostly goblinoid crew, with the exception of a dragonmarked half-elf who appeared able to pilot the boat, which was magically propelled by a water elemental, took them three days up-river. During the voyage, Kookie had them stop for a brief time to collect her “special ingredient” for her confections. It turned out to be unusual flowers of bright blue, green, and red hue which were attended and gardened by a cantankerous fey whom Kookie merely called The Grump. The party was forced to steal the flowers from The Grump, as he proved less than amenable to any attempt to purchase or trade for them.

more TBD



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