Adventures in Stormreach

A Smuggler's Artifact, Part 1

Ochre asked the adventurers to "procure" a smuggled artifact for House Phiarlan

Contact: Ochre
Mission: Retrieve an artifact from a smuggler (in progress).
Calendar Start Date: Nymm 2, 999
Calendar End Date: Nymm 2, 999
Primary Characters: Salandar, Freyr, Jamendithus, Byron Boldblade, Rinnion
Secondary Characters: Dempsey

Experience Earned

Salandar Freyr Jamendithus Byron Rinnion Dempsey
880 880 880 880 880 254

Favor/Influence Earned


Ochre of House Phiarlan said that a smuggler named Osgood working for the Night Tide had recently received an artifact which was being stored in one of Osgood’s warehouses in the Harbor. Ochre explained that House Phiarlan would prefer the artifact be transferred to their custody and hired the adventurers to acquire the item by any means necessary. He preferred there be no witnesses. He gave them a map of the sewers leading from beneath a House Phiarlan owned warehouse to Osgood’s warehouse where he hoped the adventurers might take Osgood’s men by surprise. Unfortunately, it appeared Osgood’s men had discovered the passage beneath the sewers as well, and one of them was lying in wait near the secret passage beneath the Phiarlan warehouse. As the adventurers emerged, he fled to warn his associates. The adventurers pursued him through the sewers as he activated traps to slow them down.

The adventurers acquired eight sapphires worth 100 gp each from the eyes of iron defenders in the sewers.



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